Our state of the art maintenance facility allows us to quickly and safely repair equipment.
Boone County Fire Protection District operates a large fleet of emergency apparatus. Additionally, the fire, rescue and emergency medical service requires a tremendous amount of very specialized and technical equipment to effectively perform the many unique assignments encountered. The maintenance challenges presented to an organization the size of the Boone County Fire Protection District are significant particularly, in light of the heavy demands that emergency service creates on equipment. Simply stated, this business is very hard on equipment.
Compounding the maintenance challenges is the fact that the organization and the residents we protect are very dependent on all the equipment. Extended "down-time" is unacceptable and diminishes the level of service provided to the community.
The Fire District employs two full-time mechanics that are specially trained and qualified to maintain the Fire District’s specialized equipment. Both individuals are assigned a service vehicle. These vehicles are also very well equipped with tools and commonly used repair items so that most repairs can be made in the field without moving fire apparatus from the stations to the central maintenance facility. This enables the Fire District to keep the apparatus in its respective station so that it is available for emergencies and minimizes "road time" to and from the maintenance facility.
All personnel within the system are charged with certain levels of maintenance responsibility. All apparatus and equipment is thoroughly checked on a weekly basis by volunteer personnel to ensure that all equipment is in peak operating condition and that it is all present and accounted for. Personnel performing the inspections address minor maintenance issues and more significant maintenance needs are reported to the full-time maintenance staff. Additionally, following any use of equipment, it is thoroughly checked for any maintenance deficiencies and, should any be discovered, they are reported immediately to the full-time staff, as well.
An extensive preventive maintenance program is in place. Since its implementation, major repairs, breakdowns and downtime have been significantly reduced. The longevity of the apparatus has also been extended thus reducing the frequency at which the taxpayers are asked to replace aging apparatus. While most fire departments replace apparatus every 7-10 years, the Fire District, through its maintenance and operator training programs, has been able to extend apparatus life to 15 tears.
Even Fire Engines need the oil changed.
The Fire District operates a central maintenance facility within its Headquarters located in Columbia. Major repairs and major preventive maintenance functions are preformed in this facility. This facility has heavy lift capability and is designed to facilitate a full range of maintenance requirements.

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