Wildland Firefighting Team

A fire crew is made up of 19 U.S. Forest Service certified wildland firefighters.
The Boone County Fire Protection District encompasses the largest geographic area of any fire department in Missouri. Much of this area is rural in nature and wildland fires are commonplace in Boone County. The challenges in Boone County are accentuated with the rapid growth and development of our community. As growth and development continue to occur in Boone County, wildland fires pose an ever-increasing threat to structures and dwellings in what is called the wildland-urban interface area.
The Boone County Fire Protection District has recently enhanced its wildland capabilities due to this growing threat. As a result of the District’s involvement in national wildland firefighting (see wildland web page) the latest in tactics and technology have been brought to bear on this growing problem in Boone County.
Boone County’s wildland fire capabilities are widely known and assistance from our organization is often requested by other fire departments in our state when faced with significant wildland fire problems.

2016 Boone County Fire Protection District, Columbia, Missouri