The Boone County Fire District is presently in an expansion program and, within the next year, will be building an additional three fire stations. The organization has recently completed construction on eight other construction projects, some of which were additions to existing to facilities and some of which were new facilities. When the entire project is finished, the Fire Protection District will operate 14 fire station locations.

Recently completed Fire Station 9 serves the Midway area.
These fire stations are located throughout the Fire District (see map) and are located within more densely populated areas for two primary reasons. First, the majority calls are generated where people live. By being located in these population centers, we can better serve the larger majority of people. Secondarily, it is from these population centers that we draw additional volunteer firefighters to staff the organization. As Boone County grows and as the voters continue to support our funding proposals, we will continue to expand with additional station locations throughout Boone County in our continued efforts to improve response times.
All Boone County Fire District stations are constructed in a modular fashion so as to facilitate additions in future years and minimizing expenses. The fire stations are constructed to accommodate the fire apparatus with ample space for the volunteer firefighters to work in and around the equipment in a safe and efficient manner.
All Boone County Fire District stations are also equipped with living quarters where volunteer firefighters actually reside. Many volunteer firefighters are students or otherwise single men and women who, in exchange for their services as fire apparatus operators, live in our fire stations at no charge. This facilitates a rapid response of equipment without the expense of paying full time people to staff the facilities.
All fire stations are equipped with kitchen facilities and many are equipped with training rooms and other support facilities. Those that are presently not equipped with individual training facilities have been constructed, as previously mentioned, in a modular fashion so that the training facilities can be added at a later date as funding becomes available.
While not required by the building code, all facilities are fully protected by fire sprinkler systems and are equipped with fire alarm systems. We believe it important to protect the taxpayers’ investment in this regard and, in leading by example, hope to encourage others to exceed minimal code requirements by installing built in fire protection systems. Fire sprinklers are, unquestionably, the best fire defense available.
Additionally, it is clearly recognized by the organization that the taxpayers have indeed provided these facilities for our use and residents are invited anytime to stop in and view their fire stations and fire equipment. Those buildings that are constructed with training rooms are also made available for community, non-profit functions such as neighborhood meetings, etc. Should you or your group be interested in using one of our facilities for such a meeting, please contact our administrative offices to make arrangements.

2016 Boone County Fire Protection District, Columbia, Missouri