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Missouri Task Force 1 Deploying for Hurricane Sandy
Gale Blomenkamp, MPIO - Monday, October 29, 2012

Missouri Task Force 1has been activated for deployment to the east coast in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Missouri Task Force 1 was put on alert this morning along with Ohio Task Force 1, Indiana Task Force 1 and Tennessee Task Force 1. Earlier in the day, Virginia Task Force 1 and 2 along with Maryland Task Force 1 were activated and staged in Virginia and New Jersey. Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee were deployed this afternoon and now Missouri is headed east to assist.

Missouri Task Force 1will deploy within 4 hours as a Type I team which includes 80 personnel and over 100,000 pounds of equipment. The task force is also authorized to add an additional water rescue component to the cache of equipment. The task force will be headed to Herndon, Virginia to stage and await their mission assignment. The target is to arrive in Herndon, VA by 5 p.m. tomorrow.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has also put the following task forces on alert, Arizona Task Force 1, Washington Task Force 1, California Task Force 6, Florida Task Force 2, Colorado Task Force 1 and California Task Force 2.

Missouri Task Force 1 will be leaving the Boone County Fire Protection District Headquarters, located at 2201 I-70 Drive NW, Columbia, MO within the next four hours. Media opportunities will be made available prior to departure.

You can follow our progress and find current updated information at boonecountyfire.com, facebook/boonecountyfire and twitter/boonecountyfire with the official hash tag #motf1

How Can I Help?
Over the past several years, many people, companies and corporations across Missouri have asked, “How can I help Missouri Task Force 1?” There are a number of ways.
First, the Task Force is composed of volunteer participants from all walks of life. In addition to rescue specialists that come to us from the fire service, the Task Force uses structural engineers, hazardous materials technicians, communications specialists, canine search specialists, logistics specialists, physicians, surgeons, nurses, technical information specialists and safety officers. If you are interested in direct participation in the Task Force, please refer to the “How To Join” page within this website.
Missouri Task Force 1 is funded with federal grant funds and some state funding. Following the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center disaster, Missouri Task Force 1 was the recipient of many private donations. These funds are placed directly in equipment replacement and new equipment acquisition. The Task Force remains some $500,000 short of acquiring the complete equipment cache as specified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and donations are certainly appreciated.
Additionally, the Task Force remains in need of ground transportation capability. Presently, the Task Force must rely on borrowed or rented tractor-trailers to transport the Task Force in the event of a deployment. This arrangement causes significant delays in our deployment. Missouri Task Force 1 is presently seeking viable ground transportation. Anyone interested in donating in this manner is encouraged to contact the Task Force office.
Also, the Missouri Task Force 1 continues to develop its training site north of Columbia. One of the vital training “props” is a rubble pile comprised of large slabs of concrete and steel which simulates the collapse of a large steel and concrete structure. The Task Force relies on the donation of large slabs of concrete from demolition sites, highway resurfacing projects, etc. to build the rubble pile. If contractors or developers in the Central Missouri area have such material, they are encouraged to contact the Task Force office. Additionally, many Central Missouri concrete companies that manufacture storm water products, vaults and other concrete structures, from time to time, donate damaged or unmarketable products to the rubble pile, as well.
All donations are tax-deductible.

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