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About the Boone County Fire Protection District
The Boone County Fire Protection District is a relatively young fire department. Since its inception in the mid-1960’s, the Fire District has grown to become the third largest fire department in Missouri. Contained in this section of our website is interesting information on who we are, our history, how the system works and how we are governed. The information is complimented with our photo gallery and, what we call, fun facts – some basic statistical and factual information that, we believe, will provide you with a broad and general sense of the dynamics of the Boone County Fire Protection District – Enjoy!
Firefighting is hard, dangerous and rewarding work.

We respond to not only fires, but medical emergencies, wildland fires and vehicle crashes.

Our out of state wildland fire team has fought fire in nearly every western state.

2016 Boone County Fire Protection District, Columbia, Missouri