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Boone County Fire District Offers Back to School Safety Tips for Drivers
Gale Blomenkamp, Battalion Chief/MPIO - Monday, August 18, 2014

Now that summer has come to an end and children of all ages prepare for another school year, the Boone County Fire Protection District would like to take this time to remind drivers to be proactive and keep kids safe.

Whether you drive your child to school or just commute to work every day there are things you can do as a driver to keep kids safe. Below are some safety tips to remember:

Slow down and be especially alert in the residential neighborhoods and school zones
Take extra time to look for kids at intersections, on medians and on curbs
Enter and exit driveways and alleys slowly and carefully
Watch for children on and near the roadway in the morning and after school hours
Reduce any distractions inside your vehicle so you can concentrate on the road and your surroundings. Put down your phone and never talk or text while driving

Some simple reminders for school kids:

Children under the age of ten should only cross the street with an adult
Kids should cross the street at corners or controlled intersections with crosswalks
Never run out into the street or cross in between parked cars
Make sure they always walk in front of the school bus where the driver can ...

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